Asian markets surge folowing Wall Street's rally

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  • 4 months ago
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Asian markets were boosted by the rally in Wall Street as the major indices rose above 4.9% along with the rise of the energy sector which brought oil prices up by more than 8%.

Mainland China’s Shanghai composite inched up by 0.56% while the Shenzhen composite also edged by 0.545, over in Hong Kong the Hang Seng raised slightly by 0.62%.

Japan’s indexes saw a surge too, the Nikkei 225 climbed by 4.03% and the Topix too went up by 4.93%, while in South Korea the Kospi made gains of 0.23%.

Finally, Australia’s ASX 200 surged by 1.79% with all sectors trading mostly in positive territory.



Source: Smart Trend Team