Asian markets start 2019 with caution

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  • 4 months ago
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Asian markets have begun the new year in a cautious manner, bar the Japanese indices as tey are still closed forthe holiday season.

Mainland China's Shanghai composite retreated by 1% while the Shenzhen composite fell by 0.474%, followed by Hong Kong's Hang seng whihc dropped just below 2.4%.

Over in South Korea the Kospi tumbled by 1.3% as both Samsung and SK Hynix posted losses of 0.13% and 0.33% respectively.

In down ounder, the ASX 200 shed 1.2% as all major banks saw a retreat.

ANZ dipped by 2.27%, the Commonwealth Bank by 1.73%, Westpac by 1.96% and National Australia Bank by 2.04%.




Source: Smart Trend Team