Amazon comes under scrutiny from German regulators

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  • 6 months ago
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Amazon has come under investigation in regards to its relations with third party retailers in order to exploit markets.

Germany's antitrust authority is leading the probe along with European regulators who are questioning the e-commerce company’s role as a retailer and marketplace. 

Other tech giants like Google and Facebook have come under close scrutiny from EU regulators.

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office President Andres Mundt said that there were several complaints received of late, calling out possible Amazon foul play.

“Amazon acts as a kind of ‘gatekeeper’ to customers. The double role as biggest trader and biggest marketplace means there is a potential to impede other traders on the platform,” said Mundt.

He questioned Amazon’s transparency in regards to issues such as shipping costs and delays.

Adding a sound warning that his office will be seeking to question any breaches of German anti-trust and competition laws.




Source: Smart Trend Team