All markets heading for a negative end to the year

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  • 5 months ago
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According to data from the MSCI world equity index, which tracks shares in 47 countries, this may not be such a merry Christmas as the index slipped nearly 1.3% due to the woeful sessions in Europe and the U.S. followed by a cautious Asian session overshadowed by Xi Jinping’s speech.

The DJIA dropped 2.1%  while the S&P500 retreated by 2.08%.

The Nasdaq composite fell by 2.27% and the Russell 200 index too was down by 2.3% as it staged nearly all its stocks into bear market after precipitating 20% from its highs.

Analysts at Rabobank also share the feeling that the year could end in a negative note,

“If Santa Claus doesn’t turn up very soon, U.S. stocks may end this year in negative territory.”

Europe too is in the red as London, Paris, Frankfurt and Milan have all dropped between 10% to 17% throughout 2018.


Source: Smart Trend Team